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China's boxing won top commercial sponsorship again, striving to build five world champions in three years

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China's boxing has won top commercial sponsorship again, striving to build five world boxing champions

in three years. Due to the epidemic situation, the preparation and competition of China's work boxing have been greatly affected, but there is also good news.

On March 3, the same lubricating oil was matched with WBA (World Boxing Association) China area and M23 team. The signing ceremony was held in Beijing, which is undoubtedly a big step in the commercial market for Chinese boxing.


Xu can (third from the left) is the deputy of M23 team.

The commercial value of

boxing gets certain market value. In the prototype of

, the same lubricating oil has been matched with WBA in China as early as 2016. Four years ago, WBA has grown into the No.1 boxing brand in China:

It has held 71 competitions in 22 cities in China, occupying more than 90% of the market share of China's high-end events, which makes the current match more reasonable.

Is the national lottery that has won the favor of sponsors all the way is normal? There are also M23 teams affiliated to famous boxing agents and promotion companies in China.

Is it normal for M23 to win 6 times of world gold belt, 14 times of international gold belt, and 30 times of intercontinental gold belt lottery? Is it normal to win more honors than all other Chinese people who do things.

The signing ceremony of


The success of M23 team in the competitive level has made its commercial value continuously increased, which has become the best target for sponsors around the segmentation.

At the signing ceremony, Huang Chen, Secretary General of WBA China organization, and Lu Youlong, CEO of Quanwei Sihai, all spoke highly of this match. However, from the perspective of some business wives, the entry of sponsors during the rare period just shows that China boxing has gradually opened its own commercial map.

As we all know, the first half of the year has been a very difficult period for the world's sports structure, sports leagues and companies. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, almost all sports events are in a state of suspension, and the competition is difficult to continue, which has a great impact on the exposure and recovery of the event companies.

As far as boxing is concerned, the original several matches have been cancelled, and the same battle between Xu can and British champion Warrington has been postponed indefinitely, which will inevitably affect the mobilization and the strength of the competition company in the commercial market.

At present, the strong brand into boxing around, will undoubtedly let the outside world have a new awareness of the commercial value of boxing market.

Xu can defends the champion.

On the one hand, boxing and other fighting events are still relatively young activities in China, but after years of hard work and market-oriented operation, they are the first to win the attention of the media and unpleasant to the eyes, and have a more mature commercial model, which lays a prerequisite for the sponsors to enter the arena.

On the other hand, the emergence of star players is considered to be the most effective lever to leverage the commercial market.

Xu can, the current WBA world champion, can't be ignored. With the success of challenging the gold belt in January 2019 as the starting point, this young man has won the world champion war three times a year. He has not only become a new symbol of Chinese boxing, but also has made him famous in the world.

the sensational effect and exposure of star players are incomparable. In fact, in March of last year, just two months after Xu can won the world champion, 361 degrees announced that he officially signed with M23 team of Xu can.

Xu can has become an outsider of boxing in China.

Sports sponsorship is still a good business

. It must be pointed out that although the commercial value of Chinese boxing is constantly rising, it is still a low and concave land from the perspective of investment, and the layout before selection can often receive miraculous results.

Taking 361 degree as an example, I signed with Xu canyou in the beginning of 2019. At that time, Xu can had obtained the qualification to challenge the then champion Rojas, but the battle for supremacy had not yet started. With Xu can becoming famous in the first World War in Houston, 361 degree quickly caught up with the surplus and became the biggest commercial winner.

At present, the brand in the post epidemic era around boxing, not only to solve the financial difficulties, but also to show more than market acumen.

The epidemic situation has had a great impact on all walks of life. Many businessmen who are interested in sports sponsorship hold a spectator attitude for the time being, but at such a stage, they will also have the first mover advantage:

At present, FAW, Starbucks and Xu canyou and I have reached a match. The sponsors are at the opposite pace in some high-quality standards, which seems to indicate that sports sponsorship still has a bright future. The current investment is not blind policy and impulsive.

At present, Lu Youlong said that sports can't be done without the approval of business. Powerful match with friends can help M23 team keep fighting spirit and strive to achieve the goal of building five world boxing champions in 2023.

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